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VEG file is not opening on another PC
VEG file is not opening on another PC
by Andrew Bak on Aug 5, 2019 at 6:35:07 pm

Hi. I have 2 same (absolutely same) Vegas Pro 16 on 2 different devices (PC and notebook). When im working with the project on a PC - there is no any problems, but when I try to open the project on a notebook - there is a error - An error occured while loading the project file. And below - An error occurred reading the file. Make sure you have read access to the file/folder and that it is not corrupted.

The veg file with all the files for it is stored on a external hard disk. I tried to download all the files on a hard disk on a notebook but nothing changed.

Are there any variants tha tcould help me?

Re: VEG file is not opening on another PC
by Francois Pénzes on Aug 19, 2019 at 12:47:58 pm

Hi Andrew

You may want to try these 2 options.

1- When using an external drive, the path name changes. Could be Drive E: on your PC and become Drive H: on your notebook. Also look at the rest of the srting and make sure that everything matches.

2- Have a read at this older post. The pertinent stuff is at the end.

Cheers !

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