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Vegas Pro error: Black screen when rendering
Vegas Pro error: Black screen when rendering
by Valentijn Wisseborn on Aug 3, 2019 at 11:25:06 am

Hey there!

I'm having an issue with vegas pro,
I rendered out my video but at 2:36 till 4:22 (out of 5:21)
the video just turns black.

This issue is present with every video player that I tried (VLC, Default windows 10)
So therefore the issue must be coming from vegas pro.

The clips I imported are 3 .mp4's, I recorded them in OBS. (footage is 1080p 60fps)
As for applied effects, I sped up the footage by using ctrl-drag for 400% speed up, then maximum velocity 1000%.

I tried rendering Sony AVC/MVC, and MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4
but both of them have the same issue.

Disabling multi-core rendering, my videocard and turning down the preview ram to 0
all did not work, I have quicktime codec installed so there should be no issue there.

Quick note: The video has no audio, and the footage isn't black in the preview window yet,
It just turns black when rendering it out, and viewing the file.