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Accessing plug-in chain makes Vegas crash.
Accessing plug-in chain makes Vegas crash.
by Irina Zubanica on Aug 2, 2019 at 8:34:14 pm

I've been using Vegas for almost 7/8 years now, been upgrading to the new releases as they come, with the exception of 16 as it was way too glitchy for my laptop) and up until yesterday, everything was working fine. Now when I try to add a plug in chain, it crashes. I can add multiple effects onto my media without any problems, but when I access the "plug-in chain", regardless if it's on an individual clip, the track or even output fx, the program will crash. No error message is displayed, it simply closes out and I am not sure what the issue is. I've tried rebooting my laptop, updating windows, and even reinstalling the program and nothing has helped. I've tried installing Vegas 16 and 14 to see if the issue remains and with 16, still the same issue. 14 refused to even load.
If anyone has any ideas what could the issue be, I'm open to all. For now all I can do is wait for the new launch.

Working with Vegas 15, on Windows 10.