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Capture/Ingest Directly to IMX50?
Capture/Ingest Directly to IMX50?
by Tim Ward on Jul 1, 2015 at 8:50:30 pm

I'm in the process of setting up our tape library migration and need to find a solid way to capture direct to IMX50/D10 (preferably MXF-wrapper) on a Windows machine. I know I can capture to IMX50 .mov on Mac and Final Cut Pro, but I need a Windows solution. It doesn't even need to be an NLE...but preferably something open-source/free or low-cost. We are an Adobe shop.

As an aside, IMX50/D10 seems to be a good balance between quality and file size, and very adaptable to various NLEs and broadcast playout servers. DVCPRO50 I'm not sure about because of the different encoder libraries used which may not be as widely compatible (Apple, Main Concept, etc). But if there is another format that would be better for SD tape archival I'm certainly all ears.