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PC screen capture to PAL Format
PC screen capture to PAL Format
by baran venkatasamy on Aug 8, 2010 at 6:17:38 am

hi friends

i need a help regarding the screen capture from PC. actually we are about to a Educational film about computer what we plan to do is instead of shooting the visuals ,plan to screen capture the output to our PAL format.

Trial -1
using camtasia studio

quality is poor for TV playback

after researching for long time i found through my friend(via phone )

he suggested this idea.. for him quality is also amazing & got approval for it .

1.system 1 dual monitor ,VGA to S-video output to second Pc which are suppose to Editing system.. he told that Editing system should have Capture Card to grab. the system 1 SCreen .

i dont totally understand about dual monitor and how ill connect VGA to S -video from syste1 to system2(editing System)

i have a pinnacle card.. i need Good SD quality output.

hope someone will help me here

thanks in advance