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timebase pal/ntsc problem
timebase pal/ntsc problem
by Jorgo Kusters on Dec 3, 2009 at 3:55:10 pm


Recently I have bought a Datavideo tbc-3000, dual channel tbc. It has a switch on the back which makes it suitable for both pal and ntsc.
Since I live in the Netherlands, I want it to be pal.
I have connected it in all the ways I think is possible, but still only get black and white, slightly oversized, jumpy images. Which to me seems like it is ntsc.
Here is how I set it up (tried it with various pal sources and monitors)
vhs composite to comp. in (S-Video not connected). Monitor out from source one to input composite to source 2. Composite out source one to monitor.
Strange thing is that the color bar that appears at boot-up is in colour and looks fine.

Any ideas?
Thank you all very much.


Kind Regards,

Re: timebase pal/ntsc problem
by Bob Zelin on Dec 4, 2009 at 3:09:24 am

you are playing PAL sources and converting to NTSC. Do you have an NTSC TV monitor to monitor the signals on ?

When you convert from PAL to NTSC you need an NTSC monitor.
When you convert from NTSC to PAL you need a PAL monitor.

Bob Zelin

Re: timebase pal/ntsc problem
by Bob Zelin on Dec 4, 2009 at 3:12:46 am

this is the current Datavideo TBC selection - I don't see the TBC-3000. Is this product still made ? How old is your unit?


Re: timebase pal/ntsc problem
by Jorgo Kusters on Dec 4, 2009 at 10:21:41 am

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the fast reply.
Actualy I am not trying to convert Pal/NTSC. The unit should be capable of handeling both. Some models have a dip switch inside to change to PLA/NTSC, this one has a switch on the back.
There are also 2 stickers on the bottom of the unit, one with PAL video system and one with NTSC QC passed.

As for the age, I have no idea. I can be used for a simple 2 machine edit with a switcher/title generator. It looks pretty decent. My guess is somewhere in the '90.

Thanks for the help so far, kind regards,