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Panasonic SDX900
Panasonic SDX900
by Craig Needelman on Aug 14, 2009 at 1:55:45 am

I have 2 SDX900's on a job. If I manually white balance them, they match perfectly. If I go with the daylight preset, same filter, same ND, 1 camera is very rosy on my chip chart. I've read the same Scene file onto both cameras & have checked all settings in menu's & everything is the same. One camera has a 14x7.6 Fuji lens and the rosy camera has a 11x4.5 Canon. Looking on the vector scope, while shooting chips I can see the rosy looking camera, showing more magenta. How do I null out the magenta on the preset. Is it a menu thing or do I need to open up the camera and tweak something inside. Last time I did this was on an Ikegami HL-79E.


Craig Needelman

Re: Panasonic SDX900
by Patrick Forestell on Oct 28, 2009 at 12:19:57 am

I am not you can match two camera's default PRESET settings.

I have read that you can get close to it buy turing camera off, then put it in PRESET, and hold the white balance sw up while you also turn the camera ON. That resets the defaults. Then:

One thing I like to do though is turn off auto knee, turn off lens flare.

Zero db, do a normal white balance, then hold the black balance switch down for about 6 secs, and then again white balance again; this forces the camera into black hading as well as black balance.

Then shoot in the daylight a pure white card, then turn VF Zebras on and
adjust the IRIS until the Zebra pattern shows 100% and then select the Lens Shading Maint. menu and select DETECTION/Vertical Sawtooth. This will adjust the lens white shading and store the results in the camera. If you change the lens for another lens, you have to again store in the cameras the respective lens white shading file.

I like to control lens flare myself rather than have the camera try and guess what blance balance adjustments are needed based on lens flare.