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Seeking PAL to NTSC Conversion Answers!
Seeking PAL to NTSC Conversion Answers!
by IndustryOrange on Jul 2, 2007 at 7:01:37 pm

Hello, I am seeking a deck that will play back and record dv cam tapes in ntsc and pal format. I have been looking at the Sony DSR11 DVCAM Compact VTR. I currently am using the Sony UVW-1800 beta sp deck. I am not super familiar with this territory so bear with me here. What I am trying to do is convert several dv cam tapes in pal format to beta sp ntsc. My local transfer company is asking almost $3,000 for my transfers (14 of them) and I am considering just buying a deck and doing it myself. What does this entail?

Here are my current system specs: Mac OS X, FCP 5.1.4, Kona LS card, Sony UVW 1800 beta sp deck.


Re: Seeking PAL to NTSC Conversion Answers!
by Tim Lucas on Jul 3, 2007 at 1:55:44 am

Here in New Zealand I hire a Scan Converter for $140 per day from my local A/V supplier and put it in-between my source deck and my DSR 25 DVcam deck. I set the scan converter to PAL in and NTSC out and set my DSR25 to NTSC for recording.

There are some software based converters out there but you cant beat the speed of hardware convertion as oppossed to software. Maybe someone know of a really fast program for converting?


Re: Seeking PAL to NTSC Conversion Answers!
by JerryZ@BH on Jul 5, 2007 at 1:41:59 pm

The problem with the DSR-11 is that it's highest level analog signal out is S-video. The deck has firewire out but I'm unaware of any IEEE-1394 based format converters. You could use a D to A converter from firewire out of the DSR-11 to component then into a format converter connected to your UVW-1800. A good D to A plus a good format converter plus the DSR-11 are going to be more than $3000 though. Another option is to capture via firewire into your Mac, use the Nattress format converter software then use your Kona out to the UVW-1800. This is going to take a lot longer of course.