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Compressor 4.1 acting differently
Compressor 4.1 acting differently
by Michael West on Mar 14, 2016 at 4:44:29 pm

Good morning:
I recently "Send to Compressor"-ed my project from FCPX 10.2 to Compressor 4.1 to burn a DVD.
Per a video I watched at (#273), I changed the the Encoding mode to "Two Pass VBR (Best)", which worked fantastically. The resolution on an ordinary DVD was much better than the standard "FCPX "Share DVD" option.
However, when I edited another project and tried the same technique, Compressor would process it but the "Create Disc" option didn't come up and the project just sat in the "Completed" list and mocked me.
Does anyone know which DVDieties I may have offended to cause this?
Thanks for any guidance you can provide.