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Long Long Video- I'm Clueless
Long Long Video- I'm Clueless
by Lincoln Waldron on Jun 29, 2012 at 6:44:33 pm

Hi- I have 4 videos of a conference which I need to upload on to vimeo for a client to watch for feedback.
Each clip is about 2 hours and I want to be able to compress to a size which I can upload all 4.
Does anyone know which settings I could apply either in compressor of MPeg Stream clip?
I need the files as small as possible
Or a better way for her to view it?

Thanks so much

Re: Long Long Video- I'm Clueless
by Craig Seeman on Jun 29, 2012 at 7:02:23 pm

Free accounts are limited to 500MB per week. Plus is 5GB per week. Pro is 50GB storage total with no weekly limits. 8 hours of video at 500MB total is going to be pretty horrible.

Many free YouTube accounts now allow up to 20GB per file, best down through FireFox or Chrome browser.

What you need depends on what service can meet those needs.

You'd want a bit rate calculator to figure out the data rate you can get away with.
I like BitRate Pro (free) Mac widget
or as part of VideoSpec (free)