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Compressor loop - have to cancel to complete the job
Compressor loop - have to cancel to complete the job
by Olly Lawer on Nov 20, 2011 at 1:59:29 pm


I am outputting from FCP to compressor for DVD. The progress bar shows the number of frames increasing and then once complete, will revert to zero and start again unless cancelled.

When cancelled, the job list says 'successful'.

What gives?


Computer - Mac or Windows
- Mac

Operating system including exact version number
- Snow Leopard 10.6.8

Software used including version number
- Compressor in FCP Studio Pro 6

Source codec (file you put in)
- XDCAM from FCP

Destination codec (file you want out)
- MPEG 2

Type of destination use
- To file on external hard drive

***UPDATE: Ok, apologies. I have figured it out.

I forgot that 'best quality' has two passess and therefore that's why it reset to frame 1 again.

For info of anyone reading this that stumbles across the same thing, when you cancel the 2nd run, compressor will stay 'successful' but only the frames up til the point you cancelled will have been converted when you try and play back.

Olly Lawer

Re: Compressor loop - have to cancel to complete the job
by Brad Wright on Nov 22, 2011 at 3:22:08 am

I would never recommend using any of the send to commands in Final Cut Pro. These commands are very problematic. I wrote and article on transferring HD video to DVD. This may help.

Brad Wright is software engineer, so it may be difficult to understand what he is saying. He is always happy to explain his greater detail.