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.flv resizing issue
.flv resizing issue
by Bryan Sykora on Jan 15, 2007 at 7:51:44 pm

I'm compressing a .flv for a customized player.
Screen is 240x135, and I'm compressing a 720x486 letterboxed vid, cropping top and bottom. Output file is 240x135.
When it plays back in the interface, I'm seeing this very annoying line directly in the center (horizontally) through the video (
The compressed video doesn't have this when playing in an .flv player, but shows up everytime in the flash interface. Seems to be some weird resizing issue once it's in the interface, but I checked both interface and video, and both are exactly 240x135.

Anyone have any ideas?

FYI: I'm compressing using Sorenson Squeeze, using On2 VP6 Pro codec.