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Squeeze Cropping and Scaling at same time?
Squeeze Cropping and Scaling at same time?
by kfredericks on Oct 7, 2005 at 9:46:45 pm

I have 640x480 video that has 8 pixels on the bottom I want cut off. I am using the filter to cut off 8 pixels. But, I also want to render the video, via the compression settings, to 320x240. So logically I think I have to change the render scaling to 320x236 to account for my cropping. But SQUEEZE doesn't make it clear how filter cropping and the scaling feature work together. I want to do this correctly. What am I missing.

Also, how good is the deinterlacer? I have interlaced video and telling it to deinterlace. Is it just throwing fields away, or is it blending fields? Finally, for the life of me, it is not apparent the difference between JOB compression settings and SOURCE compression settings. Squeeze produces two files and that is not my intention.

Clarity would be appreciated.

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Re: Squeeze Cropping and Scaling at same time?
by Ben Waggoner on Oct 21, 2005 at 5:17:01 pm

Basically the crop sets the source region of the source frame. Output size sets the final pixel count. And Squeeze using scaling to take the cropped source region and turn it into the output frame size. So changing how much you crop won't change output. One complication is if you use the "maintain aspect ratio" mode, which will crop either height or width in order to avoid distorting the image area.

Squeeze has a pretty weak deinterlacer - just throwing away one field.

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