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motion judder
motion judder
by ali jafri on Jul 15, 2008 at 12:46:19 pm

Hi people. Can someone please tell me how i can eliminate or smoothen out motion judder in video? I'm working on progressive pal video shot on 25 fps.

Re: motion judder
by Mike Park on Jul 15, 2008 at 1:21:55 pm

If you are talking about camera shake due to the physical movement of the camera, yes, you can eliminate that to some extent. All you need to do is use the tracking tools in afx and stabilize the motion. There is a great tutorial by Andrew Kramer on this very subject here:

Hope this helps

Re: motion judder
by Kevin Camp on Jul 15, 2008 at 4:11:49 pm

if you are talking about subject movement that seems to jerky or strobe like due to too high of a shutter angle or shutter speed, then you will need to use a plugin that can interpolate motion blur by analyzing pixel movement between frames.

revision's reelsmart motion blur does a pretty good job.

if you want to try the cheap way, you can try the timewarp effect, setting the speed to 100 (you don't want to change the speed), but enable the motion blur setting. it's not nearly as good as rsmb, but it may work well enough in a pinch.

when shooting progressive footage, you will want to take into account the shutter speed more than you would if you were shooting interlaced. if you want smooth, film-like movement, you would like to keep you shutter speed about half the frame rate. so if you shoot 25 fps, then you'd like your shutter speed to be maintained around 1/50 of a second. otherwise the footage will start looking too tight and jerky, and may be vary from shot to shot...

Kevin Camp
Senior Designer