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Horizon replacement
Horizon replacement
by Kevin Smith on Nov 8, 2019 at 2:45:54 pm

Hello VFX wizards,

I am having some trouble trying to figure out this shot, I am turning a beach into a desert so I used CC Wire removal for the horizon and it worked perfectly and I tracked it into the moving shot that's fine I really like the look of the horizon.

My next step is to roto their heads back in, but I'm wondering, how do I get rid of the weird artifacts around their heads as a result of the wire removal mirroring their shoulders?


Re: Horizon replacement
by Richard Garabedain on Nov 8, 2019 at 7:39:35 pm

Lol...Well its called wire removal for a reason. its only meant for wires and strings as it replaces the pixels with matching pixels around it...Also it does not look like their heads have been roto'd...What you want to do is to add the mocha effect, make sure resolution is full then in seperate layers roto their head and the can then track and replace the sky...or you can use the camera tracker..track the scene then mask out the ocean or put a different sky...fading the sky and the sand together does not make a very convincing horizon