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Trouble with map textures for AE zoom
Trouble with map textures for AE zoom
by Neil Orman on Aug 15, 2019 at 3:56:27 pm

I'm trying to add textures to an Illustrator map to make it look more interesting, and bringing it into AE to animate. I've had challenges with this, and would be grateful for any advice. To apply the texture, I've tried both AE- and Illustrator-based approaches. In AE I've imported a high quality jpeg with the desired texture, placed it below the Illustrator file in my AE comp, and then used blends modes to make the texture appear. Within Illustrator I've tried using texture effects like Texturizer. Both approaches aren't producing great results, partly because I need to zoom way into the map and when I do the textures look pixelated and blurry. Has anyone encountered this particular challenge, where you apply texture to an Illustrator/vector file/map and then zoom way into it in AE , and then the textures look bad? (BTW, my Illustrator map itself is definitely a vector file, and I'm choosing 'continuously rasterize' and all that. Without the texture effects, the map/zoom looks fine, just boring and flat.) And if you did encounter this challenge, how did you overcome it? And in general, I'd appreciate any tips on how to apply textures to maps that look good. I'm not striving for National Geographic quality in terms of richness or complexity, partly because I have text, pics and a lot of other things going on in my AE comp. I just want some good textures to make the land and water look more interesting, and not so flat, and to do so in a way that still looks good when I zoom way in.

Much appreciated,