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Text disappears completely. What do I do?
Text disappears completely. What do I do?
by Roberts Adi on Aug 6, 2019 at 3:34:43 pm

Ok guys I am trying to create a text logo with the text tutorial video on youtube below:

At about 1.40 on the youtube video, this guy types 2.5 for the brush size on the project panel by the left and then he taps his mouse cursor on an empty space beneath that same panel and then he taps the mouse cursor on the empty space on the bottom left panel by the left of the timeline and the colourful aspect of the text within the composition screen switches off, revealing only the text's white outlines.

When I try to do the same on the temporary youtube video I uploaded (below), my text disappears completely leaving a black composition screen. How do I get the text with the white outline like his own. If I am able to see my white outlines then it will be possible to see the animation involving those outlines later in the video.

I believe there must be something turned off in my After Effects. What am I doing wrong?

Here is my own video link based on that particular point (notice that my own text vanishes completely to black):

Re: Text disappears completely. What do I do?
by Cassius Marques on Aug 6, 2019 at 5:13:17 pm

I've posted a bunch of wrong advice before I double checked your post, so I'll edit it...

keep in mind that before you de-select (that's what happens when you click on empty space) your text is already not showing, you're just seeing the mask outlines, those will never appear on the rendered output anyway.

Check to see if your solid dimensions are set to comp size, your masks may be outside its boundaries, also check your mask modes to see if they are ok and not subtracting the effect's result. They should be set to none.

Cassius Marques

Re: Text disappears completely. What do I do?
by Jeff Hinkle on Aug 6, 2019 at 5:27:52 pm

Looks like your Paint Style (bottom of the Stroke panel) is set to Reveal Original Image. Switch that to On Transparent and you should be good.

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