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Organising Compositions - Best practice?
Organising Compositions - Best practice?
by Mark Wilde on Jul 30, 2019 at 1:31:42 pm

Hi all

Just a general query about composition management.

I regularly create animations that have several scenes. I usually create each scene as a separate composition and then do all transitions on the main timeline. That way I can use masks etc to create the transition which seems like the best way.

How does everyone else create their overall animations? Is this the best way to achieve things?

How to know when to do something as a self contained composition or when to do it on the main timeline? Do you plan the structure beforehand?

Any advice/opiinions are greatly received


Re: Organising Compositions - Best practice?
by Eric Santiago on Jul 30, 2019 at 1:55:08 pm

That's AE for you, there are no boundaries ☺
Whatever gets you to the end goal is its strengths.
If time isn't an issue then its even more powerful.
Then once you get a workflow going spend some time to create templates out of it then your golden ☺
There are some cool steps I found on this road.
One is the option to save the file and re-import to use as a separate entity.
Its the same as file templating but if you have some deep nesting going on, it's very powerful.