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working with protected region
working with protected region
by Andy Engelkemier on Jul 12, 2019 at 5:37:06 pm

So I noticed a Great feature of protected region, but Wow it seems unpredictable.

In this project I've been creating pre-comp animations with a little space in front and back, then protecting the animation.
Say my animation is 4 seconds. So I'll make the composition 5 seconds and protect the region.

In my main comp, that animation will only happen once. So using a protected region is nice for a few reasons. The main one being that you don't actually have to use time remap to just extend the layer. And when you do a time remap, you would want to create keys Just around your animation. With the protected region, the area where your animation happens shows up ON the layer, where those keys Would be. So you can visually see where things happen, even while collapsed.

Ok, so here's where it gets strange though. Now if you have that set up, create a 2 key animation. Something simple like, change the opacity.
Now, move where those keys from one side of the protected region, to the other side. WTF? Yeah, they acted weird as Hell! If you create keys Inside that region, they are fine.

It also forces those keys to weird timing. They'll end up between frames, unless you were lucky and perhaps scaled your timeline to exactly double or something.

So I think what is happening is it's doing a "behind the scenes" time remap without revealing it to you. Which means you get odd behavior like that, but have no control.

Just curious what other people's experience has been so far. It seems unpleasantly unexpected around every corner though.

Re: working with protected region
by Andy Engelkemier on Jul 22, 2019 at 2:08:28 pm

Is no one else getting this? Or is just no one actually Using protected region?

I have been having to go back and abandon use. The ones that Were working, no longer work once I had to shift some things around. As soon as I slid the protected region to where I needed it, the animation then went outside of the protected region, which made the protected region useless. What the heck is it protecting!?

So I went back to just using standard time remap. I wish there was a way to see my time remap keys while the layer is collapsed. I can add markers, but can't link them to keys (or can I?, not that I know of).
It was pretty cool, also, that i could actually slide that region around, without having to open up the layer.

With a composition of around 100 layers (that's after most of it being precomped into groups) those can be fairly nice time savers. My scroll wheel is getting worn out. lol