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upscaled 'look' plugin / down convert resolution effect
upscaled 'look' plugin / down convert resolution effect
by Jay Cowley on Jul 8, 2019 at 11:46:06 pm

Looking for a plugin for After Effects or Premiere to lower the sharpness of footage.
I find digital footage these days is often too sharp and I prefer the softer look of a filmic image.
This screen grab is from an 8K RED file played back at 1/8 resolution in Red Player, which approaches the look i'm after.
I would love to find a way to easily 'downconvert' footage to simulate this look (sort of a DVD look with softer edges) without creating the pixelization effect that often occurs when simply up converting footage within an NLE.

Thus far i've been nesting my comps in a lower res sequence and then re-importing back into a 4k sequence, but this creates that undesired pixelization look. Anyone encountered any tools that desharpen footage in a more aesthetically pleasing manner?

Re: upscaled 'look' plugin / down convert resolution effect
by Walter Soyka on Jul 9, 2019 at 1:43:57 pm

You can take a lot of the edge off of a sharp digital image by simply adding an adjustment layer with a Fast Box Blur effect, then taking the opacity of the blurred layer way down. Experiment with blend modes for different looks.

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