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Strange artifacting when using C4D Renderer
Strange artifacting when using C4D Renderer
by Chris Powers on May 1, 2019 at 9:52:11 pm


I'm on a Windows 10 PC
CPU: Intel i7-8700K @3.7GHz
Memory: 64 GB

Working with After Effects 16.1.1 with a 4K comp @ 30fps

So, in my project I want to take a 2d precomp and bend it into a semi circle in 3d space to form something like a rim of a big hole. All around this "rim" I'm going to have 2d precomped figures that I've drawn sort of looking down into the opening.

I read that I should use the Ray Traced 3D renderer for this, but I guess that was old news b/c it is now marked as "depreciated" and doesn't seem to work at all (I get two error messages when I try).

So, I used the Cinema 4D renderer. Everything went well until I duplicated my 2D precomped figure and tried to move him to the left in 3D space....that's when this strange artifacting appeared (see image below). The same thing happens when I duplicate and move any 3D layer when I'm using the C4D renderer....

Any ideas as to what I'm missing or lacking or doing wrong?

Thanks for any help! And if you need more / clearer info, just let me know.

- Chris

Re: Strange artifacting when using C4D Renderer
by Walter Soyka on May 2, 2019 at 1:21:55 pm

Perhaps the layers are Z-fighting -- that is, positioned at the exact same point in depth? Try pushing one forwards or backwards in space.

If not that, is the artifacting you're seeing influenced by the Quality slider in Comp Settings > 3D Renderer > Options?

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Re: Strange artifacting when using C4D Renderer
by Chris Powers on May 2, 2019 at 7:40:31 pm

Hey Walter,

It looks like "Z-fighting" was the issue. Wow--I've never had that happen on the regular 3D renderer, I guess that's a C4D thing? Either way, thanks for the tip!