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Multi Trim Paths
Multi Trim Paths
by park John on Apr 14, 2019 at 2:37:04 am

There is a path with a different length.
The end value is equal to 48%.
Is there a way to move the trimpath in parallel along the x axis?
Thank you.

Re: Multi Trim Paths
by Kalleheikki Kannisto on Apr 14, 2019 at 8:07:55 am

The easy solution would be to cut them all to the same length.

The alternate solution would be to use a rectangular shape layer as a track matte.

Assuming you want those circles at the ends of the path, the first solution would be better. With a track matte you would need another copy of the layer with a synchronized track matte of just the ends of the lines, which you could get to resemble circular caps with minimax.

Or then you can spend a lot of time coming up with an expression that takes into account the horizontal length of each path and using a percentage to calculate the relative trim path ends for each path.

Kalleheikki Kannisto
Senior Graphic Designer