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How can I make animated overlay effects?
How can I make animated overlay effects?
by Eojin Kim on Jan 16, 2019 at 9:01:45 am

EDIT: Never mind. I found out that the process is called "Motion Graphics". I'm actually sort of disappointed in this site, since nobody even bothered to reply to the post in over 27 hours..
It's fine though, the post was a little hard to understand at first. But still disappointed that nobody replied, 9 hours since the edit. Just leaving it up here in case anyone is interested or something.

Hello guys! New to Adobe After Effects here.
I'm trying to add effects to videos for Youtube, and I'd like to know how to make animated effects for overlaid photos. There must be a name for it, but I just can't find any mention of it anywhere!
I don't know how to call it, and every single "photo effect for videos" or "photo overlay effect" yields results that I really don't need at all. Like "how to animate still photos!" or "how to overlay channel name for livestreams!" stuff like that.

So, I'm looking to be able to animate text and images with or without transparent backgrounds (like simply spinning them in/out of the frame, or scrolling through them) on top of the video, like shown in the video below. (2:05 is a good example)
(Please excuse the wildly chaotic video; I just can't really find a better example of what I'm talking about.)
I don't need such dramatic effects, I'm trying to create a calm tutorial channel and I simply can't find how else to describe what I'm talking about!
Could anyone inform me on how to create this effect, and if possible, tell me what it's called so I won't have to pester you guys all the time? :)

Re: How can I make animated overlay effects?
by alex dinnin on Jan 19, 2019 at 5:56:41 am

Dave is right.. Learn the basics..

this is a great place to start