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Camera position from 2D path, different comp size ?
Camera position from 2D path, different comp size ?
by Shai Benshoshan on Dec 11, 2018 at 3:58:15 pm

Hello, I am trying to get my head around it and need help :

I am working a script that converts XML coordinates to a path(myPath).
The path is above the map(.png) and the composition size is 2304*1280.
The master composition is 1280*720 :
I have a null position expression (pointsOnPath) that reads the path(myPath)
A 3DFreeform effect to bump the map layer, and a camera to follow the path on the terrain.

1. is it logical at all to work with 2 comp sizes, can it be fixed by space transform? or is it better to first compare the sizes?

2. what would be a good way to "reset" camera, 3d Effect, and a 3D path to the same [0,0,0] point?

thanks for your time


Re: Camera position from 2D path, different comp size ?
by Harry Hoag on Dec 12, 2018 at 9:35:12 am

Is the bigger comp just a 2d precomp with the map png inside? And what's the effect, is it Mettle FreeForm?

I just had a quick look if that's your arrangement. If you use 0,0,0 for world origin, you must keep the 2d layer with the 3d effect at the 2D centre of your master comp (640,360 in your case) Then, with Mettle anyway, inside the effect the 3D coordinates should be [-640,-360, 0] then it looks like the centre of the world lines up with the comp space of [0,0,0]... if that makes sense?

I don't think the precomp size matters with Mettle. But it does with the 3d trapcode plugins i think, go figure