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Particular Motion path
Particular Motion path
by Aviram Avidan on Apr 29, 2018 at 2:08:28 pm

Hi, I have a comp with 10 basketball team logos, one frame each, in a sequence. I want them to move in a motion path using Particular and when creating the motion path I want it to sample the comp in the correct order, not random. In the texture time selection I select Split Clip - Loop, and 10 in "number of clips", but the result is random logos with some duplicates. I don't want it to be random, I find myself playing with the random seed to get the best result but that's not a solution. What am I doing wrong?

Re: Particular Motion path
by Kalleheikki Kannisto on Apr 30, 2018 at 9:21:47 am

With that method, Particular will spawn random particles.

In order to create a specific number of sequential particles, you'll have to use the following workaround:

1) Make a precomp that has the number of frames that you have particle images, in this case 10 and make each image last one frame.
2) Spawn one particle per frame (i.e. 25 particles per second if you have a 25 fps comp) with "Current frame - freeze" particle option selected.
3) Stop emitting after the number of particles have been reached (after ten frames here)

Kalleheikki Kannisto
Senior Graphic Designer