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iMac pro configuration
iMac pro configuration
by James Paulley on Apr 5, 2018 at 9:26:13 am

Hi, I'm looking at iMac Pro for AE animation work with quite large composition dimensions and lots of Photoshop files as artwork. Thinking:

  • 10 core CPU rather than 8 core. The 10 core has higher Turbo frequency but slightly lower multi core frequency. People on the Adobe forums are complaining about the 10 core, however. I have heard good things elsewhere about the 8 core anecdotally, so I'm not sure if the 10 core actually is worse than the 8, haven't had a clear comparison.

  • 64GB RAM. Is this good pairing with a 10 core chip? Compositions are often high frame rate (60fps) and large dimensions (roughly 4K). 128GB is getting a bit out of budget.

  • Vega 56 GPU. I understand that GPU and its video memory is not very important for AE, so can I save some money here? I don't want to spend on parts that won't have a meaningful benefit to animation work in After Effects.

  • 1TB HDD. My projects aren't huge amounts of GBs usually. I'm happy to use external HDDs as storage when projects are complete, only using the internal HDD for current work. I'm thinking I can save a bit of money here.

  • Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!