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After Effects World - Where are we?
After Effects World - Where are we?
by Craig Wall on Dec 6, 2017 at 7:00:45 pm

I've not used AE very much in the past two years, so I was curious to get impressions about where things stand.

My impression is that Adobe still has yet to conclude the underlying modernization of the core engine...and that we lack full multi-processing rendering and widespread GPU acceleration. Am I wrong?

Meanwhile it seems the feature set has largely stalled...that the past couple of versions haven't added much. Am I wrong?

The most exciting thing in AE seems to be coming from third party plugin and script developers...perhaps also from Adobe's Character Animator module/app.

I'm curious to know from you all what version of AE you are using...and if you think CC2018 is ready for production use? Is Adobe committed to continue to grow After Effects?

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