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Deleted keyframes on camera movement still being followed
Deleted keyframes on camera movement still being followed
by Eric Kay on Mar 9, 2017 at 12:14:47 pm

So this is a strange problem I'm having that I will try to fully explain.

For example say I want to animate some camera movement over 2 seconds of time. I have my first keyframe at the start of the composition then my second keyframe at the 2 second mark with the camera moved a bit, this gives me a smooth camera movement from the first keyframe to the second over those 2 seconds.

Now where the problem comes is if I don't like how it looks and want to change the movement, if I delete that keyframe at the 2 second mark and replace it with a new one, when I play it I don't get a smooth movement between the 2 keyframes anymore as for some reason it attempts to follow the original keyframe that was deleted until about the middle point and then going towards the new keyframe for the second half of the animation.

I feel like I'm missing some obvious setting because any deleted keyframe on a camera seems to not actually delete forcing me to literally get the camera movement right the first time or have to delete the whole camera and start over.

EDIT I have figured out how to fix it but am not sure how to delete a post on here. I had to set the keyframe interpolation to linear