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Dissapearing Frame
Dissapearing Frame
by David Savelberg on Oct 7, 2016 at 9:21:07 am

Hello! Firstly I wanted to say how much I appreciate this community. I always have found myself here and am very grateful as most questions I have had have been answered. However, in this case, I was not able to find a solution.

The problem:

I have an element in my main composition which is a jumping cactus. To loop the cactus (as the animation only lasts 6 seconds) I have one pre-comp with the different layers of movement. Then that pre-comp is repeated within another pre-comp for 6 seconds. This pre-comp is in the main composition and has one frame skip at the end of its cycle (total 4 frames).

The other two pre-comps have no such skipping frame though?

More info:
This was made on one computer and opened on another. Both versions of Ae were CC 2015.3

Images of each comp for a better idea:

Thank you.

Re: Dissapearing Frame
by Walter Soyka on Oct 7, 2016 at 12:55:44 pm

You have a frame rate mismatch. Most of your comps seem to be 25 fps, but "cactus 2" is 30 fps.

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