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Gtx 980 super clocked 2 showing not compatable ?
Gtx 980 super clocked 2 showing not compatable ?
by hanna dean on Jul 4, 2016 at 5:38:08 pm

after effects cc 2014/15 i have both does it really matter if i dont edit the ogl_unsupported_cards.txt and just click the checkbox unsupported cards and select it this way , will it still work ?.

z170m plus motherboard assus
i7 6700k
16gb ddr4
samsung ssd evo 850
gtx 980 super clocked acx 2
antec psu 620w m

after effects cc 2014 version

Re: Gtx 980 super clocked 2 showing not compatable ?
by Michael Szalapski on Jul 8, 2016 at 3:03:50 pm

You are using an out of date version of CC 2014 and there are a couple of versions of CC 2015 - you'd need to specify which you are using. (You should be on 13.2.x for CC 2014, 13.7.1.x for CC 2015 and for CC 2015.3 - and yes, you can have all three versions installed alongside each other.)

You should not be editing any .txt files. Ticking that box should make that GPU accelerate rendering of the ray-traced renderer in both versions of CC 2015. No matter what you do with that .txt file or the tick box, you won't be able to use that card on CC 2014. (That card uses a newer OPTIX library that wasn't implemented in AE CC 2014.)

That being said, the ray-traced renderer is considered obsolete by the After Effects team. I would recommend against being too reliant on it.

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