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need affordable camera 4 Green Screen
need affordable camera 4 Green Screen
by Robyn Rhodes on Feb 13, 2009 at 4:47:04 pm

I have a client who wants to shoot his own green screen footage, and he's asking me to advise him on green screen and camera set up. He has the tripod. I've figured out the green screen. I was wondering if anybody could suggest a camera that is high quality enough to get a decent key with? He wants to spend as little as possible, big surprise I know. I'll be keying in Keylight in AE CS4.



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Re: need affordable camera 4 Green Screen
by Mark Suszko on Feb 13, 2009 at 10:06:37 pm

Well that's a little over simplified.

Your first issue is, getting that backdrop lit EVENLY all the way across and up and down and all around. Waveform and vector scopes are very useful for this job. In a pinch, camera viewfinder zebra stripes can also show you hot and dark spots.

These days you can key with almost any camera, but Dv cameras with their reduced color space information have a reputation for being more difficult to pull good chromakeys with. The bigger the chips and the better the codec you use, the better the effect works.

If this is an infrequent kind of thing you're doing, I suggest you rent a really nice camera for shooting on the one day, they can be surprisingly reasonable. The better your ingredients, the better the finished cake turns out, you know?