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AE Keyboard Shortcuts?
AE Keyboard Shortcuts?
by William Ackerman on Jan 16, 2009 at 6:33:00 am

Seems like the stupidest question in the world, but why doesn't AE support "JKL" keys for playback control? Or does it and am I doing something wrong? As a Premiere Pro user who is trying to learn AE, it seems to me Adobe could do so much more to make the user interfaces more similar. In fact switching between Soundbooth, AE, and Premiere Pro, something I am doing frequently, is driving me a little crazy.


Re: AE Keyboard Shortcuts?
by William Ackerman on Jan 16, 2009 at 6:37:47 pm

I actually did play around with customizing some of the keyboard shortcuts. First thing I found were some errors in the Adobe docs and some things not working as expected. I think I have found a better way using my mouse that has some extra buttons and a side wheel and that can be remapped by application. Seems to work just fine, but it remains to be seen whether it improves my productivity and reduces errors in the heat of battle.

Thanks, again for your help.

Re: AE Keyboard Shortcuts?
by joe zhangjiajun on Jan 17, 2009 at 9:16:14 am

it is a difficult problem,if you want to be a AE expert,you will remeber the shortcuts fullly.But to a normal user ,you should just fimilar the function and so on.It is my oppion.

I like it

Re: AE Keyboard Shortcuts?
by Dave Johnson on Feb 8, 2009 at 3:17:41 am

Dave L. answered your question, but I was bored and felt compelled to add two things:

I suppose the first is another way of saying some of the same Dave L. already said ... AE can't use the same shortcuts as other Adobe apps because it does very different things and, therefore, uses the shortcut keys for different things. For example, J & K jump to keyframes in AE instead of move the playhead as in editing software.

The second is in response to your comment "driving me a little crazy." Um, that's the idea ... didn't anyone tell you when you signed up that all all video editors are supposed to be crazy!? It's in the rules!!