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Another face tracking problem
Another face tracking problem
by Duke Sweden on May 29, 2016 at 9:09:46 pm

I've followed this tutorial
and a second one from the same guy. Everything works fine, but when as soon as I start pickwhipping my puppet pins to my face track data (pin 1 to inner left eye, etc.) everything goes awry. The image shoots out to the left, stretching into a sharp point. Every pin I assign does the same thing until the "face mask" I'm applying to the video beneath it is all stretched to the left. (See Image Below)

I've used a video "face mask" and I've used a graphic with an alpha channel showing only a static face mask. Same result.

Anybody else seen this before? Any solution? Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

This is with a fairly static video as the face mask:

Re: Another face tracking problem
by Greg Gesch on May 29, 2016 at 11:41:13 pm

Hi. From memory I think you need to be on the first frame(?).

Re: Another face tracking problem
by Duke Sweden on May 30, 2016 at 3:08:18 am

Hey Greg. Thanks for responding. No, I tried that as well. I'm not sure why but it seems the quality of the video file has an effect on face tracking, even if it looks good. I took a video off of youtube which when I opened it in After Effects was 720p. I upped it to 1080p to match the video I wanted to lay over it. Later I reversed video clips but got the same result. Finally I used a video clip I shot myself, and grabbed a high quality graphic of a face online, and everything worked fine.

Thanks again for responding. Cheers!