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Plexus issue
Plexus issue
by Felix Gorbach on Mar 1, 2013 at 6:01:36 pm

Dear experts,

I´m new to plexus and watched the tutorials that are on youtube for this great plugin.

I want to use plexus like the goodfathers of vfx (the mill) did here:

So I figured out that I can bind pics to the point using the texturd sprite otion in the points renderer.
But to have multiple pictures I have to use different point renderers with different lights or pathobjects - that i shuffle in different groups - this all works well - but I´m limited to 10 pics because I can only use 10 groups.

To explode from one pic to the hole "net" I use the container with a sphere - and animate the radius - works fine as well.

But in the end I want to have a kind of wiggle effect, so that the net it´s not static. So I want to use the noice effector. - and here is my problem. It does not work like it should - Of corse its set to all groups - but it takes only the hole net and repositions it a bit - thats all. No wiered noise... Seems that it has something to do with the shuffle into different groups - cause if I use the noise effector like it is shown in the tutorials, everything works fine.

Maybe you have a solution for this? I hope I made myself clear at all.

Maybe I made the hole setup far too complicated and there es a much easier wasy to acchive the same effect.

Thanks for your help - I appreciate your help so much.

Re: Plexus issue
by Felix Gorbach on Mar 2, 2013 at 1:26:41 pm

I figured out a "non" plexus way for my task - just by adding a wiggle expression when the net is nearly finished.

The task was to delay the wiggle for some time - till I want the images to start shaking smoothly.

This script helped - and is very convinient, cause it has a ramp to the start on the wiggle:

found this from Dan on creative cow - you guys are my life saver :)
... but anyway - if anybody has a better idea how I can acchive the net effect with plexus - like the mill did, any suggestions are very welcome :)

fStart = 100;
fStop = 200;
fRamp = 5;

amp = 5;
freq = 5;

tStart = framesToTime(fStart);
tStop = framesToTime(fStop);
tRamp = framesToTime(fRamp);
if (time < (tStart + tStop)/2)
a = linear(time,tStart,tStart+tRamp,0,amp)
a = linear(time,tStop-tRamp,tStop,amp,0);