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Archion Editstor
Archion Editstor
by Jeff Bye on Nov 13, 2012 at 8:11:52 pm

Has anyone had any experience with these units? I can't seem to find anyone who has used them. Supposedly they offer avid project sharing and bin locking similar to Unity / ISIS, Terrablock, Editshare etc.

I understand the bandwidth limitations of each system as well as pricing so that's a non-issue. Mostly I'm curious as to whether or not people have had good experiences in terms of workflow, reliability and whether or not things just "work". Any system will require some troubleshooting here and there but the constant little kinks would be great to avoid.

Re: Archion Editstor
by Mark Todorovic on Nov 17, 2012 at 1:24:12 am

We're running a couple of Editstor ES systems in Avid shared project workflows right now with very good success. One is a 16TB standalone chassis with 5 client connections directly into two 4 port internal gigE cards, so no switch. The other is a 64TB ES which is made up of a 32TB head unit & a 32TB expansion with 10gigE connectivity into a 24 port switch. That one has 8 clients connected, all dual-pathed or "bonded" connections for extra bandwidth. FYI, with that config quad split multicam at DNx175X works flawlessly over 2 gigE cables.

Project sharing works exactly as everyone's used to with Unity, and overall reliability & stability has been very good. We did have a drive failure last week in one of the chassis but the array rebuilt in the background without anybody noticing a difference. Archion support staff were great - very quick to respond. Overall, Editstor has been a very positive experience for us, even though some of the Editors and especially AEs were quite skeptical going in as they're all used to working on Unity.