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panasonic 130a
panasonic 130a
by James Haefner on Nov 19, 2012 at 9:52:33 pm

hello COWS,


just looking for some Tips, Literature or experience helping me learn how to PAINT this Camera a little better > sometimes I am shooting in Offices / Fluorescent Lighting environments

Overall I am still struggling and feel this Camera can look better

I recently purchased the PANASONIC 130A in August > since then I used in the field about 12 or so times.

1) I am still struggling with getting the right GAMMA / VIDEO look while I am in MANUAL MODE > what settings or engineering tips or tricks can anyone recommend??

2) Again in MANUAL MODE > I am struggling with getting CLOSE UP FOCUS > sometimes I need to be ON TOP of small detailed objects > and record IN FOCUS > and this lens is NOT able to get the FOCUS I sometimes need

thank you and I look forward to your feedback