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Pansonic ag-ac130a
Pansonic ag-ac130a
by James Haefner on Aug 16, 2012 at 1:47:07 am

Hello All,

my name is James > I just purchased the Panasonic 130A > just powered it up for the first time and immediately noticed the image is not staying IN FOCUS

Tried MF, AF, using Manual or Servo ZOOM > nothing > Zoom IN focus on object > pull out > nothing stays in Focus

Again just touching this Camera for first time, brand new, did I do something wrong, I tried calibrating ring using the infinity switch but this was happening before I touched that > firmware update?? really confused and concerned

I called PANASONIC but their TECH DEPT was gone > any and all help suggestions / tips / guidlines

Know one knows better than a community of working pros > thanks

Re: Pansonic ag-ac130a
by Lou Bruno on Sep 9, 2012 at 1:50:20 pm

Bring it back..sounds defective.

Lou Bruno