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Thinking selling my DVX100B to get HD camera but ?
Thinking selling my DVX100B to get HD camera but ?
by Scott George on Feb 19, 2011 at 12:24:40 am

I love my DVX's and thought i might like to try an HD without jumping
in too deep so i bought a panasonic HDC-TM90.

The footage looks so much sharper on the DVX that you would think it was the HD when you compare the two.

Has anyone got any thoughts , and has anyone tried the Panasonic
AG-HMC40 since its HD and tapeless.

I was thinking maybe to sell one of my two dvx's and the HDc-tm90
and that would get me close to getting the AG-HMC40 ?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

Portland , Tn

I really appreciate your help

Re: Thinking selling my DVX100B to get HD camera but ?
by Noah Kadner on Feb 19, 2011 at 3:42:13 am

That's a consumer camcorder and it is not in the same league as the DVX100. Not all 'HD' is created equal, especially when camera phones shoot 'HD.' Yes the HMC40 will produce a much nicer looking image.


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Re: Thinking selling my DVX100B to get HD camera but ?
by John Christie on Feb 19, 2011 at 6:10:44 pm

I have an HMC40 and an HMC150, both are great cameras.

As a replacement for a DVX 100, I'd consider the HMC150 first. The size and form factor is closer the DVX100. If "client appeal" is important, the 150 is larger and appears more "pro".

The screen and viewfinder on the HMC40 are smaller than the HMC150. I'm not crazy about the touchscreen functions on the 40, the screen get's all greasy with fingerprints.

The 40 also shoots 10 MB stills of reasonable quality as well as timelapse capabilities, the 150 doesn't

You need to spend extra on the 40 if you want XLR audio, it's built in to the 150.

I don't shoot a lot of low light footage, but I've heard that the 40 is worse than the 150 in low light (smaller imaging chips)

That said, there's a hefty price difference between the two cameras. Neither camera will disappoint you.

Here's a link to some of my videos shot on the 150, haven't used the 40 in any production work yet.


John Christie