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making 16x9 in QT using ag-la7200 lens
making 16x9 in QT using ag-la7200 lens
by Ross Hallen on Apr 4, 2009 at 4:12:34 pm

I it possible to make a 16x9 in Quicklime pro and exporting to Idvd 7 using The Panasonic la7200 lens attachment on a DVX 100.
The project is a little under two hours and I need to get this right the first time.
I tried 48k anamorphic preset and brought it into a 16x9 idvd.
It was still stretched out.
I guess using this lens is different than using 16x9 settings (not letterbox) in cameras that are capable of that.
I know I could make a 4x3 sequence and then drop the anamorphic footage in there I guess but, I would like to get true *(as possible with this lens) anamorphic DVD with idvd.
or do I need to use dvd sp?

Re: making 16x9 in QT using ag-la7200 lens
by juha vauhkonen on Apr 9, 2009 at 9:34:39 am

That lens should be in the standard 16:9 (1.78:1) anamorphic ratio.

Like you said, the problem is that QT doesn't know it's anamorphic video since there is no flag in the signal, so you have to convert it "manually" so to speak.
I don't know about QT pro, but in FCP / FCE you can squeeze it to 16:9 by turning the timeline's anamorphic mark on, OR, in the clip's motion tab (in FCP that is) using the distort parameter. The correct number % is 33.33 for 16:9.

If you don't have access to FCP or FCE, you should be able to do the conversion in MPEG streamclip too. There's a preview in that program that is very handy.

I don't know if iDVD or DVD SP are smart enough to do the correction. If there's a preview, you can see if it does by turning on the 16:9 aspect ratio.