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Importing HVX Mixed Formats on P2 into FCPX
Importing HVX Mixed Formats on P2 into FCPX
by Jared Boice on Aug 25, 2014 at 10:43:50 pm

Sorry guys, wasn't sure if this should go into the FCPX forum or HVX. Feel free to move it if necessary.

My question is, if I shot all kinds of mixed formats on a P2 card (some of them requiring pulldown, others not such as the 24pN format), am I still able to import them all at once? When I attempt to do so I'm given the option to remove pulldown. But will FCPX know when it gets to the 24pN footage not to remove any pulldown? Similarly, will FCPX automatically know the difference between 24p pulldown and 24pA pulldown as if I was feeding it only one category/format of such clips at a time?

Please let me know if you understood my question. Hopefully I communicated it clearly

thanks in advance