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New to P2, need advice ingest/storage
New to P2, need advice ingest/storage
by Paul Anderegg on Jan 3, 2013 at 1:57:13 am

I just got an SPX800 camera for testing, may purchase it. Right now I shoot DVCPRO, and ingest via PowerDirector ending up with AVI files that I render in Sony Vegas Movie Studio. The ingested AVI files go into my archive HDD's.

Now, my understanding is that when transferred over to disk, P2 footage is an MXF file, which I have no experience with, but downloading a test version off the internet garnered me some sort of DVD folder system of files. I already know that I need Vegas PRO to render an MXF file, but how does ingesting work? I think Panasonic has an ingest program for free on their website, allowing me to transfer the files from the camera to my PC, but once those files are on my computer, will they be a single file ready to archive, or some strange amalgam of files? Being able to easily drag and drop into my archives will be a selling point.

Also, since I will be needing a new NLE program to render MXF, and Vegas PRO is like $500, is there a better faster GPU rendering alternative to make SD MP4 files from SD MXF footage?



Re: New to P2, need advice ingest/storage SOLVED
by Paul Anderegg on Jan 4, 2013 at 12:43:05 am

I was surprised by how easy it was to switch to P2. I simply plugged the camera into my laptop, each installed P2 card showed up as a drive letter....that's it. As for editing and storage, I simply upgraded to a $300 Sony Vegas Pro 12 NLE, import the clips directly from the attached camera, then render them as a single DV AVI files......couldn't be simpler. Rendering speed to convert SD MXF files into DV AVI files is about 15 seconds per minute.