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Bad Audio
Bad Audio
by Sergio Lelevier on May 25, 2012 at 3:30:09 pm

Shot a stand up at a live performance with a HPX370, the camera and reporter at the entrance of the theater with the stage in the background.
Turned off shotgun mic. The audio from the reporter (ch. 1) sounded as if I had mixed the shotgun (ch. 2) and the lav. I did noticed that the level was unusually high but having turned ch. 2 off, and having broken the cable to my headphones, didn't think that ch. 2 had leaked into ch. one. Noticed the problem in editing. When I recorded the narration with wired mic into ch.1 had the same problem bit this time ch.2 was turned on. had to tun it off to record narration. When I dropped the audio into the timeline, I did not have a complete audio waveform, only the top half. I'm not very technical, has anybody had this problem and what's the solution. Please.