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"incompleteness of clip" ??
"incompleteness of clip" ??
by Aaron D Hose on Jul 14, 2009 at 4:35:10 pm

Hi all,
Ran into a peculiar situation today... I was trying to import P2 footage (480/60i, DV25) into FCP via P2Store, and one of my clips wouldn't take. Had a red exclamation mark on it, and it showed no clip metadata whatsoever (no TC, no media duration, etc.... all absent). FCP said there was "no preview available for this clip". So I tried to ingest it via P2CMS instead, but even that program wouldn't recognize it--this time I had a red cross on the clip, even though it did give me thumbnail. P2CMS said there was "incompleteness in the clip." This is odd, since I clearly remember rolling on that take, and I don't remember doing anything else that would have caused file corruption. This is a first for me. Anyone else ever run into this problem?

Re: "incompleteness of clip" ??
by John Fishback on Jul 14, 2009 at 6:50:25 pm

See Shane's Stock Answer #36


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