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p2 footage lost
p2 footage lost
by Joshua Rudolph on Aug 17, 2008 at 5:08:42 pm

Hey cow members,

I have recently downloaded my p2 cards to an external drive. It created the standard p2 folders: AUDIO, CLIP, ICON, PROXY, VIDEO, VOICE and the Lastclip.txt.

Using Final Cut Pro 5.1.4
I went to file import and chose Panasonic P2, a previous set of clips were already in that import window. I selected the clips and pressed delete thinking to just remove them from that import window. However this deleted the contents of the entire P2 folder but left the folder structure.

I did a Data Rescue 2 on the drive and it found some QT files with the exact dimensions and properties as the footage we shot. But these QT files do not open in FCP. It opened in QT but only played black but the infomation said it was the same as our footage. Has anyone encountered this or know about how to convert these files back to the p2 format or is there a better software recovery program? My guess is that the data rescue misinterpreted the p2 files and saw them as QT. I'm at a loss at this point. Any help would be great. Thanks

-Joshua Rudolph

Re: p2 footage lost
by Dave Neyman on Aug 17, 2008 at 8:54:33 pm

I'm not an exert on this but you may be out of luck. Data Rescue does a great job of restoring individual files but since the P2 format requires multiple files that depend on each other be in specific places it may be tough to reconstruct. Unless you managed to get every file back in it's original place it may not be possible. Sorry for your loss. It may be best to start planning a reshoot.

Re: p2 footage lost
by Shane Ross on Aug 18, 2008 at 7:59:08 pm

Yeah, that pretty much deletes them. I have heard that some form of DATA RESCUE does recover these...this has happened before. I wish I could recall the software name.

Next time, EJECT the card folder...look in the upper left of the L&T window and you will see an eject button.


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Re: p2 footage lost
by Joshua Rudolph on Aug 18, 2008 at 9:48:33 pm

yup thanks shane. we noticed the eject button after the event.
funny thing is. that is a preview window that only links to the media
that you're about to import into FCP. and, we've never heard of a preview of anything deleting the media itself.

anyway, we've learned the hard way.