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HPX500 Shipment Stopped
HPX500 Shipment Stopped
by Nate Stephens on May 8, 2008 at 5:52:39 pm

Hey guys-n-gals..... My dealer just told me that the new HPX500 shipments are stopped pending the 5600 preset fix.. Has anybody heard of when they are targeting starting shipping again....

Jan has mentioned that they have one qualified tech to do the fix,,,, so I hope I am the only guy who is trying to take advantage of their great rebate offer,. and I do hope they ship before the rebate expires.. ;-0

Re: HPX500 Shipment Stopped
by Matt Sturns on May 10, 2008 at 3:41:32 pm

I was looking into getting the HPX-500 before the rebate ends (end of June). I've been reading about this 5600K problem with the 500. Will this problem be fixed before they ship the cameras or will we have to resend back to dealer. We are using this camera for a job almost immedietely for a summer shoot and do not have the time to ship/receive from NJ. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Re: HPX500 Shipment Stopped
by Nate Stephens on May 10, 2008 at 5:47:21 pm


I can understand the concern Matt.. I could have this HPX500 busy next week. My order is in for the HPX500, but no ship date. The cameras work as is right now if you use the white card to white balance...... but you have to find a stocking dealer with inventory and then Panny only pays to ship it back to you after it is fixed...... but you can ship it in anytime under the 5 year warranty.

At the price for this camera after the Panny rebate, I wish I could get 2 of them....

I have only had my order in for a little more than a week,, and I need to concentrate on organizing another clients edit,,, so it is good I don't have a new toy just yet.....
But by the end of next week would be great to have my new HPX500..... hint, hint ;-)

Re: HPX500 Shipment Stopped
by Matt Gottshalk on May 10, 2008 at 5:49:22 pm

Jan Crittenden said:

"I know that it has been a concern to those of you that use 5600K Preset and when it is selected it seems to find color temperature balance giving the images a slight greenish cast. If you would like to, camera's settings of 5600K Preset can be changed by our Panasonic Broadcast Engineering in Secaucus, NJ free of charge under standard warranty. All cameras registered into PASS for Panasonic extended warranty will be done under warranty as well.

Please send your request to indicating your contact information and full serial number of your camera. You will be contacted to schedule service. It usually takes 1-2 working days to complete service, excluding time of shipping. All camera get ship similar method as they are ship in, i.e.: ship in Overnight, ships out Overnight, ship in UPS Ground gets shipped out UPS Ground. You pay for shipping in, Panasonic pays for shipping back.
This service is provided for AGHPX500P cameras sold by Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company (USA) only.
For units sold in other countries please contact Panasonic office in the country of the origin."

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Re: HPX500 Shipment Stopped
by Nate Stephens on May 10, 2008 at 7:24:37 pm

Matt, Do you have the HPX500?? If so what lens do you use and why? Good, best, bad...

I ordered our HPX without lens..... so the question is which is best for the dollars..

Re: HPX500 Shipment Stopped
by Matt Sturns on May 10, 2008 at 7:58:18 pm

I have not ordered an HPX yet. I am lining up 2 films for the summer. A doc and a feature. I am at client(s) discretion (ie their checkbooks). Honestly I do not want to, but may go with an SD lens for the HPX now and after a couple of jobs save up for an HD lens. I know most of you will go bezerko on the mention of this, but I have heard from many people they do not notice a big difference between nice SD glass and lower end HD glass there are many threads on this at DVX user and elsewhere. This could be fact or fiction as unfortunately most of these sites have hired company robots disguised as humans answering these threads (drat). I am sure there is a difference but the question is if it is a big enough difference for the clients to notice and if it will look better than an EX1. I will test before buying but again, it definitely does not look like we will have a budget for an HD lens. Obviously these films are very important to us so we do not want to put an SD lens on the HPX if it will look terrible and cause problems in post, which is why we are also looking at the EX1 or EX3. Any suggestions? Seems like this is the first time in 20 odd years there is not really a camera for our price range. We are going back and forth between the EX1 (with 35mm lens adapter) and the HPX500. I am a seasoned doc filmmaker and really like the big form factor of the HPX (with the EX1 we will need to make additional investments in stabilizers, camera holders, etc, to make the EX1 mobile + 35mm adapter, etc.). We are in pre-prod on a feature film that will be partial green screen and partial mockumentary (shot doc style). Obviously we are very low-budget, but very successful at what we do. I'll be honest there seems to be no cameras out there right now that fit the bill. I think the HPX best fits our bill, but an HD lens puts us out of budget.....darn....I have tried posting before but have yet to any answers to my questions. It has been very hard to get unbiased opinions/answers as of late..After specking out an HPX + HD Lens we get into RED land that we would easily be able to make more money (as well as more of the type of productions we like to do) aaaaarrrrggggghhh. Techmyology...

ANY suggestions/stories/experiences/conversations/observations greatly appreciated!!! Thanks


Re: HPX500 Shipment Stopped
by Nate Stephens on May 10, 2008 at 8:39:39 pm

"I am at client(s) discretion (ie their checkbooks)"

I understand that disease. My summer client cut 15k after 8 months of saying the budget was solid.... hence no HD lens.. I can rent a HD 11x lens for 300/day if I have to.. Other than that it is SD lens until the money shows up... Paul Colin in a thread below swears by his Canon HJ17ex7.6B-IRSE e-HDxs 17x 2/3" ENG High Definition Wide Angle Lens, with 2x Extender and he also has more money in the lens than the camera....

If the camera would ship I could make a judgement on how ugly the SD lens is. My current clients would be happy with a Betacam SP look in HD. So I do not think I need a super sharp lens..

I have to stay away from the Sony CMOS chips. I am in toooo many old buildings with flickering flourescents or group events with camera flashes...

I am trying to get the details on a Lettus / redrock type adapter for 35mm lens.. But I do not want the flip device... the HPX has a flip circuit..

Re: HPX500 Shipment Stopped
by Matt Gottshalk on May 10, 2008 at 8:47:08 pm

I was one of those on DVXuser who compared HIGHER end Sd glass to the lower end CAC HD glass. I took a J series Canon off of my DSR-500 and put it on another company's HPX-500 that had the "kit" CAC lens. To MY eye the higher end SD lens looked better and had better contrast. Now on the long and short ends of the lens, nice HD glass resolution WILL be more apparent.

When I finally pulled the trigger on buying my HPX two weeks ago, I scored a great deal on a nice Angenieux wide angle HD 2/3" lens that looks simply incredible on the HPX.

For a lot of clients, a NICE SD lens will be "good enough".

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Re: HPX500 Shipment Stopped
by Jan Crittenden Livingston on May 11, 2008 at 12:23:18 pm

Just to respond to the title of this thread, the HPX500s have not stopped shipping.



Jan Crittenden Livingston
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Re: HPX500 Shipment Stopped
by Nate Stephens on May 11, 2008 at 1:53:33 pm


Thanks for the word... I was hoping you would pop in... Are they being delayed for the 5600 preset???

It has been almost 2 weeks since I placed my order with my dealer and he can not get a ship date confirmed... Is this customary? Am I being too eager? Or is my dealer pushing the wrong buttons?

He is the same dealer that I purchased the HVX200 thru.. last December...

Thanks again,,, knowledge is what we sell, knowledge is what we illustrate, knowledge is our armor,,,,, and I appreciate you sharing yours...