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P2 workflow and storage
P2 workflow and storage
by tom sven on Jun 18, 2007 at 3:58:58 pm

Hi all,
I was wondering what everyone has had the best luck with in reguards to hardrives for storage and editing P2 footage.
I was wondering if a raid 5 is a good way to go?

Does it make more sense to go with smaller raid 0+1 solution?

Or maybe even just get a coupe smaller drives in raid 0 and a large drive to back them up onto?

Is a raid even needed for editing 2-3 layers of HVX200 footage?

Are portable drive solutions popular with everyone?

What is everyone finding works best for them?


Re: P2 workflow and storage
by dgadirector on Jun 18, 2007 at 9:17:43 pm

I'm fine just using my 1.5 GHz PowerBook G4 (OS 10.4.9). I've got 4 LaCie drives (2-250GB Triple Interface and 2-500GB Quads) daisy-chained. I spread my files between them to avoid having one drive handle the full load: Drive 1 has the Capture Scratch, Drive 2 has the Project File, Drive 3 has the "Extra Application Content," etc.


Re: P2 workflow and storage
by mattjgerard on Jun 19, 2007 at 8:30:04 pm

One thing to keep in mind with your setup is that the data pipe, in your case firewire (800 I hope) will slow things up before a single drive will. Firewire 800 data rates are still under what the raw drive can push out.

So, in your case, unintended result is that you are sparing yourself from much misery in case one of your lacies goes down, since you have the data among 4 drives, you will only lose whats on that drive.

In our offices, until we got our xraids last year, we had a 100% failure rate with lacie drives. 8 drives on 3 different edit systems. A couple had the power supplies burn up, we were able to recover by putting the drive in a different case, other times the drive itself burnt out. I had a client that had a single lacie 250 that had (no kidding) less than 12 hours total on time crap out right at our office. Power supply crapped out. Just keep your ear open, if the drives start clicking or acting funny (taking too long to spin up, slow access time, etc) BACK UP and ditch the drive AND the case. Sorry to be so negative, but i've been burnt too many times by these drives. Get a drive case with a fan in it. Heat = drive failure.

Re: P2 workflow and storage
by Rainer Wirth on Jun 20, 2007 at 12:02:58 am

Hi guys,

first of all. Double back up on at least 2 different HD. Raid 5 systems are the best solution. I hve got a la cie Biggest 1,5 TB Raid 5, where I store the original contents folders. On an Xserve Raid 5 I import the files from FCP.


Re: P2 workflow and storage
by dgadirector on Jun 20, 2007 at 3:13:43 am

Wow - you must've had a string of bad luck following you. The LaCie's are some of the top-rated drives (MacWorld, etc.). You're the only one I've seen reporting such disastrous results.

But yes, I should establish a RAID anyway just for safety.

Re: P2 workflow and storage
by mattjgerard on Jun 20, 2007 at 1:35:38 pm

Yeah, you can call it bad luck, but when MacWorld etc test the drives, what do they test? Read/Write speed, Peak/RMS transfer rates, but they never test for durability, and endurance. I've got a SansDigital 2 drive case on my desk I use for archiving that has been turned on for over a year now, 10 hours a day 5 days a week, and I haven't had a drive (or the case) go bad yet. But, it has a big fat fan in the back, and the case NEVER gets hot. I am a real skeptic when it comes to "Fanless heat dissipating case designs" I'm not a student of thermodynamics, but I think you need more than the 2 long sides of the drive to be touching a piece of finned aluminum to dissppiate the heat of a drive working hard.

Need a Raid, Need a Raid, Need a Raid.

Say that 5 times fast, then go get one.

Good luck!!


Re: P2 workflow and storage
by hhv_pro on Jun 20, 2007 at 5:55:35 pm

The drive is a frigile device... The durablity of a hard drive that going to last you for a years is myth. You may get lucky but I would not take a chance with any of the drive even in Raid config. According to my Admin buddy Two drives at a time does go out so best practice is back up.. back up!

Re: P2 workflow and storage
by mattjgerard on Jun 20, 2007 at 6:01:21 pm

Okay, that's it. All this talk about corrupt P2 cards and transfers, drives going bad, funky P2 stories, I'm diggin out my old umatic decks and controller. Anyone got an old tube camera I can use? ;-)


Re: P2 workflow and storage
by tom sven on Jun 26, 2007 at 1:49:13 am

What about hardrive through put? Can one sata drive in raid 1 handle dvcprohd well? How about with 2 or 3 streams of DVCPro HD?

Re: P2 workflow and storage
by Shane Ross on Jun 26, 2007 at 6:15:53 am

[tom sven] "Can one sata drive in raid 1 handle dvcprohd well?"


[tom sven] "How about with 2 or 3 streams of DVCPro HD?"

Maybe two...


Littlefrog Post

Re: P2 workflow and storage
by tom sven on Jun 28, 2007 at 1:48:10 pm

Do you know what the limiting factor is? I believe DVCPRO HD's data rate is 5.8 - 14 MegaBytes/sec and a normal sata II drive I have tested at 60-70 MegaBytes/sec. If I do the math on the 70MB and the 14/sec it in theory should support 5 streams.

I am trying to build a hardrive solution that has some redudancy and be able to suppot a couple extra streams of video for the occasional occasions that I have a 3 - 4 multicam shoot. Do you think raid 0 +1 or raid 5 is the way to go?

Re: P2 workflow and storage
by Barry Green on Jul 1, 2007 at 3:35:02 am

You can't do the math like that though, because multiple streams will be located on different areas of the hard disk, and when the hard disk has to move its read head between the streams a tremendous amount of time is lost.

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