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by Brian Fo on Nov 25, 2019 at 4:15:28 am

Hoping I can get some relief from searching to no avail on how to make a hula hoop animation.

I have a fbx animation of a hula hoop dancer character (exported from daz without a hoop). She's making the hula gyration. For all intensive purposes, she could just as well be a vertical-cylinder that's moving in an oscillating pattern.

In C4D, I want the hoop to bounce off her waist as she moves and stay roughly in the same zone on the y-axis (not fly too high up or far down).

I've looked for similar concepts like the ring toss game but none of them really address this.

Wondering if the hive mind her might have any idea as the steps involved to create this animation? Or maybe there's just such a tutorial out there somewhere?