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Avoid texture scaling on cloned objects
Avoid texture scaling on cloned objects
by Xavier Bonet on Nov 22, 2019 at 10:36:55 am

I'm trying to create a realistic-looking clay material. This is what I have up to now:

Which doesn't yet look perfect (I still need to add some displacement) but it looks OK.

The thing I'm stuck on is the scaling bit. The different cubes in the image are clones; the project will be using several cloned objects that are scaled gradually through the Cloner Object. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't seem to get the texture to appear the same size in all cloned objects rather than being also scaled by the Cloner Object.

The texture is projected using UVW Mapping but I've tried other modes and the result is the same. The texture is applied to the initial cube that is cloned but I've also tried applying it to the cloner object and, as predicted, that changes nothing.

How can I avoid the texture from being scaled on cloned objects? In fact, how can I make sure the texture remains the same scale throughout all objects in the scene?

P.S. Plus, if you have any recommendations as to how to obtain a better clay texture (other than using Octane's Clay Mode, because I don't have Octane 😁) they would be very welcome and appreciated!

...So this is how I managed to bungle it up today.