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timeline f-curve key magnetism
timeline f-curve key magnetism
by crasse deux on Nov 21, 2019 at 11:51:22 am

Hello !

something is really driving me crazy recently, in F curve mode there seems to be a kind of magnetism of keys to their previous position that make nearly impossible to move them slightly. I didn't find any solution to that other than zooming in like hell (but that's a stupid solution 😉 )
Is there anyway to turn off this magnetism ?

another thing that I never managed to remove also since years, it's the system that slow down camera/viewport movement manipulation when the viewpoint come close to "something" making sometimes nearly impossible to move freely in the viewport without making a hell of shake with the mouse....
is there anyway to turn off this "option" ? ( I don't even know what it's called...)

thanks a lot for your help !

Re: timeline f-curve key magnetism
by Steve Bentley on Nov 25, 2019 at 2:29:22 pm

There's two things at work there (I think - wasn't sure based on description but I'll take a stab). There's snapping in the view port (the magnet icon) and the same kind of thing in the Fcurves. But its called Quantization. You can turn that off in the timeline prefs. Quantization acts like snapping to discreet frames. This way as you move keyframes about you don't get keyframes landing between frames - nothing wrong with this, the system will still work things out correctly no matter where keyframes are, but as you tweak the animation and add new keyframes or think you are editing old keyframes you can accidentally put a changed keyframe on a integer frame while an older keyframe is lurking half a frame away - this can produce some odd jumps especially with motion blur

Re: timeline f-curve key magnetism
by crasse deux on Nov 27, 2019 at 11:30:42 am

Hi !

first, thanks for your answer !

about my viewport problem, I don't think it comes from the snapping modes, I use them a lot (snap to grid, grid-points, objects etc...) and here my camera/viewpoint isn't snapped on something, it's more like when I try to move my point of view / active camera, using either the pan tool, zoom tool, rotate tool on the top right corner of the viewport or directly the mouse, it seems to be glued on something (it moves reaaaaaaaaaaally slowly), and if I insist, sometimes it get unglued and I can move freely again.

about the f-curve mode, I don't think it comes from quantization either. In fact in most case I'm not moving keys on the x-axis (temporally) I'm trying to move them on the y-axis (to change their value) and it seems that keys value are magnetised to their original one when I try to change them graphically in the f-curve display using the mouse, and so I can make subtle change.