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Gut Microbiome
Gut Microbiome
by Addie Kennamer on Nov 20, 2019 at 7:54:20 pm

I am new to C4d and am trying to create the inside of gut micro biome! I have already posted, asking how to create 'villi' and tried with hairs inside a cylinder but it didn't give me the look I was going for! It looked a little fake. I need to have this done asap! I have posted a screenshot of what i am trying to accomplish below! If i can just get the inside walls created, I can figure everything else out. Any help would be so so greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Re: Gut Microbiome
by Steve Bentley on Nov 25, 2019 at 2:39:19 pm

Perfect job for the cloner and mograph. Even more perfect if you have R20 and above because you could use a moving noise and fields to have the villi wave in the current (you can get there in pre-R20 but its a little harder).
I would use a number of slightly different villi objects under the clone so they aren't all the same and you can "stick" them to the surface of the tube using object mode and "surface" to get them scattered around. Depending on your intestine model you have may have to reverse the normals to get the villi on the inside, but if the tube is meant to be viewed from inside the normals should already be right.